Integrated wiring cabinet

Products feature

  • 19 “Standard installation interface, fully enclosed cabinet structure, good dust-proof, effective protection of equipment
  • The frame is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate with integral welded structure, high strength and good rigidity.
  • Surface electrostatic spraying, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance
  • Installation column is movable and installation space is set freely.
  • Accessories such as guideways, shelves, drawers and power outlets can be configured on demand.
  • Vertical and horizontal grooves are designed in the cabinet to optimize the cable layout.
  • Optional Residual Fiber Reception Unit and Optical Fiber Wiring Box
  • There are two types of fan top-mounted and back-mounted.
  • The bottom is equipped with universal wheel and adjustable foot bolt, which is easy to move and adjust the level.