GPX02-A Optical Fiber Wiring Box GPX02-A4/72 GPX02-A4/72 GPX02-A4/72 GPX02-A5/72

Products feature

  • 19″Standard installation interface, flexible installation mode;
  • Lightweight structure, high strength;
  • Surface electrostatic spraying, beautiful and generous appearance;
  • AC05-RP12 12 12-core fusion wiring integrated module is adopted with compact structure.
  • The left and right sides enter the cable symmetrically with high density and reasonable distribution.
  • Complete cable fixing, splitting and introducing modules are provided.
  • It is suitable for the end of ribbon and ordinary optical cable.
  • It can be used for FC, SC and other types of optical fiber adapters. It is easy to operate and maintain.
  • The light path identification is clear, reasonable, convenient for construction and maintenance.
  • Protect the optical fibers in the whole process to ensure that the bending radius of the optical fibers is greater than or equal to 40 mm.