Development history

Initial Establishment (2008)

In February 2008, Shanghai BAOSH Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. was formally established. At the beginning of its establishment, the main components were optical active devices, optical passive devices and optical active devices.

Entrepreneurial Expansion (2008-2011)

Shanghai BAOSH Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. began to grow and develop continuously, pioneering and enterprising, learning effective management experience, implementing quality management responsibility system in an all-round way, and breaking through 20 million yuan in enterprise output value for the first time.

Innovative Development (2011-2014)

Awarded National Radio, Film, Television Administration Network Certification Enterprise, International Quality System ISO 9001 Certification Enterprise, Tyre Quality Management System Certification Enterprise, Shanghai Bell Alcatel MFC-0I Production Line Designated Test Line Supplier

Sustainable Development (2014-2016)

March 2014, the introduction of excellent performance management model. Efforts should be made to implement the strategy of high-quality products, diversification of business models and gradual progress of business scope to the international market.

Harmonious Development (2017-present)

In 2017, Shanghai BAOSH Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. put forward the “three-three” development strategy with three objectives, three legs and three markets. The company has formulated the development plan for 2015 to 2020.